Hi, I'm Simone Tommaselli

Ceo VperVolume SRL

I’m Simone Tommaselli, I’m 38 years old and I’m a psychotherapist . About five years ago I bought a passive amplifier for Smartphone, and that’s how I came up with the idea that carrying such an accessory around easily, would have been nice and useful.
I quickly realized how difficult it would be to realize this project, especially to understand what material I could use. I spent a couple of days brooding over it, and finally the idea came to me: to add to an easily transportable amplifier, a smartphone app that would allow people to listen to their music, alone and in groups, anywhere and anytime.

Being a psychologist, I had neither the time nor the ability to understand what materials were needed and what applications I could use.
I tried again anda again at home in countless ways, sometimes even late into the night, experimenting with many different materials.
I was able to carry the project forward thanks to the complicity and encouragement of one person, my wife, who not only supported me but became part of this dream, dedicating her time to me. Desire, curiosity and fun led me to meet many people, each one with the most varied skills, and in the end, we formed a real team composed by not only experts, but also people enthusiastic about the invention that was slowly taking shape.

The patent has arrived on the form and concretization of both the material and the functionality, including the application for the smartphone. A madness that started from scratch and that today I present to you as “Volume” by VperVolume in partnership with Barbara who, with her love, time and energy, believed in the project, making it the crazy dream of both.