Why “Volume”

Let’s find out what are the reasons for the birth of “Volume” and why you should choose it as your new music amplifier!

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“Senti chi c’è” : the app to listen to Music Together

“Volume” is not just a simple design object, but a real sharing tool!

The concept of “Volume” from its first draft was born with the idea of ​​creating a movement that allows people to get to know each other, based on their respective musical tastes.

The App

Thanks to the App “Senti chi C’è” , it is possible to geolocate other users of “Volume” </ em > , see what they are listening to and ask them if they want to listen to a song together!

With two apps running, the volume of the song increases more and more , and “Senti chi C’è” also allows other users to join, allowing the formation of groups of many and many people who listen to music and follow the style they like best.

“Senti chi C’è” allows people who share musical tastes and styles to meet and listen to music together .

Materials Used

“Volume” is composed of a siliceous material not derived from petroleum.

Silicone has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures , to which it maintains its physical-mechanical characteristics unaltered, offers high resistance to the action of atmospheric agents , such as UV, ozone and many chemicals, does not age , can be easily pigmented , is suitable for contact with food , is a excellent electrical insulator and is potentially biocompatible.