“Volume” is a passive amplifier for smartphones capable of amplifying the sound up to 8 decibels

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How it works?

With "Volume" you can listen to your music wherever you want, without the need for an electricity source or batteries.

Why rely on battery or electric power tools when a simple design object is possible to achieve an equal or even better result ?

“Volume” , thanks to its material and physical properties it is highly deformable , washable and easily transportable </ strong>: it is the green and design evolution of your way of “giving volume” to your music!

Music where you want

With who you want

The portability of “ Volume , which allows you to take it with you wherever you want and make your desire go wild of music!

Amplify your Music wherever you want , at home, at the park, by the pool or at a party and become a DJ for a moment with the extraordinary quality of “ Volume “.

Find people who like you with the “ Feel who’s there ” app and make your love for the music!

What are you waiting for?

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Your music up to 8 decibels more amplified , an unmatched sound quality, NEVER a recharge, NEVER without energy. Try “Volume” by VperVolume, Buy it now!